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About DORPA TRADE Commercial Company

درباره ما

DORPA Commercial Company with the brand name of “DORPA TRADE”, has been established In 2008 with registration number 30636 in the field of import and export of various types of commercial products. In this case Dorpa commercial company delegates the exclusive agent of CADS (Panasonic) and Edora (faac) in the field of automation of commercial and office centers. Dorpa offers its products in a packed form to most public and private places.

This commercial Company has been able to contribute to the country's revenue generation as a privileged exporter to most Central Asia and European countries and most of the neighboring countries in the field of foodstuffs and agriculture, especially fruit concentrates.

Dorpa is a home appliances importer of BOSCH, ARCELIK and BEKO products. Dorpa Complex is working with more than 100 sales representatives and after sales services in the country.

Dorpatrade Commercial Company has been able to gain more market share as an exporter in the field of petrochemical products and now it is engaged in the export of bitumen and other products to European countries.

Dorpa Commercial Group (Arjmandi Corporate Complex) is operating with hoping for building up a prosperous Iran by it’s experienced team with new ideas and production and export in various fields.