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Strawberry Concentrate


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Strawberry Natural Concentrate

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strawberries are a relatively new plant in terms of fruit production in Iran. this fruit has a special place in the mountainous areas of the country, particularly in kurdistan, as it has been produced in 1996 of the total number of strawberries (17095 tonnes), 16 in kurdistan and 18 in khorasan. Unfortunately, because of the sensitivity and vulnerability of the strawberry tissue, the fruit is not preserved for a long time. therefore, production of different products seems necessary with higher maintenance capability. These products can be referred to as extract, concentrate, powder, jams, jellies and …. one of the indicators that is important in assessing a product is its color. The strawberry concentrates are not exempt from this feature. in this study, the effect of various factors such as ph (at 4 - 5, 25 / 3, 3, 75, 2), SO2 (at three levels zero, 20 and 40 mg in 400 ml)and SnCl2. 2 H2O (0 and 2.0 %)was evaluated on the stability of the strawberry color during the production of the concentrate and it was found that pH = 3 had the best effect on Anthocyanin stability and Ascorbic acid and had better acidity in concentrate concentrate. At the 40 mg level in 400 mL, SO2 demonstrated the best effect on Anthocyanin stability and Ascorbic acid, giving higher acidity to SO2 levels. 2 H2OSnCl2. At Level 2 / 0, the same results were similar to SO2.
Additional Information
SKU 1010
Acid Amount 4-Mar
Color MIN 0.8
NTU max 10 at brix 10
Degrees Brix 65 - 60

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